Me Discovered - Find the Real You


Hello Creatures Of This Planet.

I am, well, to be honest, I am surprised that you are even here. No body reads about pages these days. We definitely need more people like you.

Ummmm, You are still here? Still reading? I thought you wouldn’t make it this far. I guess I have to keep writing then.

So, Me-Discovered is a website (duhhh everyone knows that). It basically reveals your true personalities and fun facts about you. Something you truly are and something you truly hide. Oh don’t get all serious now. It’s fun too. You can discover what color you are, what relationship you have and heckkkk what dark sides you hide.

That’s pretty much what this place is about. A fun get away that gives you craziest results. You will love the questions we have for you.

Our purpose? What are we, a rocket making company to have a list of purpose? Our purpose is 3 end results – Fun, Fun & MORE FUN. If you are looking for anything else, we are sorry to disappoint you.

Sooo. You are still here? Well, that’s awkward now.

Enjoy our site, scroll through our quizzes and don’t dare forget to have fun.

Oh, and since you are still here (really what’s wrong with you?), do share your most favorite quizzes with your friends because, well, for no reason. It’s just something everyone says these days you know, like share, subscribe, follow, stalk, shout, scream etc etc.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Best regards,

I am,
Still surprised.